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Prison Break Season 4, Episode 19 Recap

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投稿1時間: 火 7月 16, 2013 3:35 pm    題名: Prison Break Season 4, Episode 19 Recap 引用
Have fun on your holiday ??“ but don't do anything stupid. Check the laws in Thailand before you go ??“ they may be different than your home country. You don't want to spend you holiday in a Thai prison.
???Mothers Against Drunk Driving Is Suddenly Dui Task Force In Florida
A program is under way in Florida that puts ordinary citizens on local roads durring the early morning hours. Their mission, to identify and assist law enforcement in locating the driver accused of "getting the attention" of a voulanteer. Information about the cars description and identification will be relayed to base via cell phone and units will spring into action.
As if that wasn't enough to complicate and already complex type of criminal law enforcement, the observers may decide to follow vehicles while maintaining contact with dispatchers from the Sheriff's office. The volunteers will work in pairs using their own cars and cell phones, monitoring the roads between peak DUI periods (around 10 pm to 2 am). Data from the 6 month pilot will be used for assessment purposes.
Manatee County Sheriff W. Brad Steube estimates that Florida drunk drivers will kill approximately 1,000 people this year. Although the volunteers have been instructed not to intervene or stop any vehicles suspected of DUI, the program raises some questions. Is it necessary? More importantly, volunteers can easily be described as "state actors" for legal purposes. Many of the individuals seeking admission into the program had previously considered persuing a career in law enforcement at some point in their lives. It remains to be seen how these individuals will view their own policing power. In all actuality, however, these people will no more be a law enforcement officer than and other plain clothes civilian. They will, however, be considered agents of the State. The following of automobiles and reporting them directly to law enforcement raises some significant constitutional issues. Furthermore, overzealous participants are certain to create traffic hazards while pursuing citizens whom they believe are impaired. The pilot Florida Observation program has been critisized widely, not only in Florida but across the nation as well. Recently, a radio station out of Los Angeles contacted our office in an effort to assist in answering the questions asked by west coast listeners. The overall opinions of the callers was that of disbelief and mockery. Calls subsequently flooded in from a concerned community.
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